Creative Ideas for Wallpaper

13 08 2010

Here are some cool ideas from a vintage DIY Decorating book soon available HERE

A perfect alternative if you are an apartment dweller and want to utilize your favorite wallpaper

A. A great option for thrifted furniture with damage you don’t want to refinish. Paint and wall paper make this otherwise boring hutch into an adorable conversation piece!

B. The book recommended using cardboard boxes and covering them with wallpaper, but that is a horrible idea. I’m sure there’s a lovely tutorial online somewhere on how to build that shape box out of WOOD.

Much better option.

C. This is my favorite because it’s versatile and can be moved from room to room.

Apply the wallpaper to a basic room divider and enjoy!

I am including this next one just because I adore it! Sheer fabric and wooden dowls make a beautiful room divider that still allows light.


Problems with covering your walls with fabric

25 02 2010

Okay, it seemed not simple, but do-able as I started to add some pizzazz to my office/etsy room by putting sheets on it.

Initially I did a test run: It had HUGE 7-12 x 1″ bubbles running down it which wasn’t a big deal because it was just a test.

Process: Used aresole starch spraying first under the cloth and then over it only smoothing with  my hands.

Round 2. I decided to go with this yummy green color. The method was:

a. Pin the top of the sheet to the top of the wall leaving 1″ of room from the ceiling and then pinning the edges.

2. Only applying the home made starch mixture on the surface with a spray bottle then smoothing with my hand and a small paint brush. Nearly even surface, minimal bubbles of 2″x1″ only in select spots. Finishing the edges was hard and I do not recommend pinning that low. What was I thinking?

Then I decided I didn’t want green, I actually wanted Teal.

Round 3. Purchased Teal sheets ($19.99 from Anna’s Linens) Hand washed sheets, dropped wrung out sheets into bucket of starch. Swished it around and made sure the whole surface was a little slimy (indicating there was starch on it) Then used a 3″ x 6″ plastic bristled scrub brush to smooth the sheet first horizontally and then vertically on the wall towards the nearest edge. This method provided the least bubbles which were max 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ BUT while brushing it on I was dipping the brush at times into the bucket of the starch. By doing this I then overloaded portions of the sheet with starch causing white drips and streaks on it. FRUSTRATION! Being that the whole process only took 1 1/2 hours I decided to pull the dried sheet off of the wall and wash it to get out some of the starch and possibly dry it and then move onto round 4. In round 3 I pinned the sheet with 1″ hanging loose into the corner of where the wall ends and the ceiling begins. Much easier, it still takes some adjusting as you go along because as you press out the bubbles the fabric is stretched causing you to make adjustments to where it is tacked.

ROUND 4. To Be Continued….. once the washing of the teal sheets is completed. Will photograph tomorrow when my camera comes home.

Black and White Vintage Inspiration Rooms

20 02 2009



I love the Texture of the Shag Rug with the Chrome Lighting  on the ceiling.

I obsess and dream of graphic prints because I don’t get to have them. I could, but I’ve noticed that my husband gets really distracted and unsettled so I try to keep things minimalist for him.