Vita-Mixing Thru My Day

28 06 2010

Our new Red and Shiny New 5200 Vitamixer has been such a pleasure!

I try to keep everything affordable because if done properly owning a vitamix blender can not only enrich your diet but also your wallet.

I primarily shop for veggies at discount produce locations (in our area called farmers markets). I can walk out with 4 bags stuffed with veggies and fruits for under $15 most of the time. These fruits and veggies are used primarily in soups and smoothies and on occasion as snacks. Example of the discount: Red Bell Pepper bought at Sprouts:79 cents each on special/ Red Bell Peppers bought at Farmers Market: 79 cents a pound and it takes 3-4 to make up a pound. Good stuff.

When i get home from the store I chop up my fruits and freeze them immediately. This keeps them from going bad over the week of use and also makes it really easy to throw together a drink in 2 minutes.

This week I found Oranges for 25 cents a pound, nectarines for 39 cents a pound and apples for 79 cents a pound. I also was able to get kale for 79 cents a bunch and spinach for 49 cents a bunch.

So, this week those will be the flavor of my smoothies.

Morning Use: 1 cup of vanilla almond milk (flavor from vanilla bean), 1/2 recommended dose of the powders shown in below picture, 2 handfuls of frozen veggies and a bit of each fruit that I had frozen. I also sometimes add in a spoonful of coconut oil and vegetable glycerin. Water to create desired texture and 30 seconds blending. This will fill up 2 large cups for breakfast. One for Hubby and one for myself.

I rotate the protein powder source Bi-Monthly to keep from potential allergies developing.


The apples do not blend when cut as large as I cut them… do not freeze them.

Lunch: Normally we like to chew for lunch

Dinner: Dinners from the Vita-Mix consist of a variety of whatever is in the fridge soup or a cream of _____ soup made from the Vitamix Recipe Book.

My favorite combo was: Red jalapeno, garlic, a few red bell peppers, a few tomatoes, a few onions and pinto beans. I also used some veggies stock and a dash of red wine to impress my hubby. I took half of the cooked soup and put it into the vita-mix with a  gank of herbs and blended until creamy. Then I poured it back into the soup and WA-LA: Stuff Soup! Tingling to the palate and a textural feast for the eyes. All together the soup only cost about $3 to make sue to my thrifty produce places.

Snacks: My Fav-Or-Ite thing to do with my red bundle of joy is: A tray of icecubes, 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, 1 scoop of coconut oil and then flavored milk to desired consistency (maybe a cup to start)

Blend for about 30 seconds and it is a AMAZING summer coffee drink and I love it.

We actually had a MAD discount night when we saw a double feature at the drive in for $7 each person and I made kettle corn and garlic popcorn with the coffee drinks. Snacks only cost us about $1.50 because I made them and there was plenty left over.

I drink it to fast to include a photo!



15 06 2010

First off, I LOVE Billy Holiday!

Secondly, Hubby and I have been many things over the last few years to improve health.

I was a “vegan” who still hate bacon for a year in 2004 to help recover from overzealous doctors. (worked wonders and I still reminisce about how fantastic I felt at that time)

We were almost Raw foodist but cooked our beans in 2007/2008.

Now, we are I guess just abnormal eaters?

Combining Raw Food Smoothies for breakfast, wholegrains or legumes for lunch and healthy dinners which are comprised of meats/ faux meats or salads and soups.

I guess maybe we’re wholefoodist? Ugh, but beer is processed so we can’t be in that category!

Whatever we are we are on the path towards being healthy again. My husband has been on a strict hypoglycemic diet for about a month now which has inspired/forced me to be healthier. I can’t stand those looks he gives me when I am scarfing Albertos Superfries and a huge coke  (imagine: layer of fries with carne asada, guac, sour cream, cheese and green sauce- amazing!) but um.. yeah… so… healthy foods…. good for me….

Tomorrow is going to be day one of ___?___ days in which we will be juicing. I constitute juicing as anything I can blend in my new vitamixer so vanilla iced coffee blends are so in! I’ll just do it when he’s gone.

Regardless, I do hope combined with the gym I can drop a few inches before muah birthday… plus have enough energy to enjoy a cocktail without nearly falling asleep.

As for now I am going to down a pile of rice smothered with butter and garlic and enjoy my well deserved Smirnoff.

I shall call my new vitamix Jasmine…. or Jazz for short. I am sure my husband will quickly rename her.