New Blue Sweaters

2 12 2009

1960s Tiny Knit Static Sweater

Wonderful Cocoon Sweater to Wrap Up in

Gorgeous 1960s Blue Cape


Now off to clean up before any residents knock on my door and see my crazy bangs doing an alfalfa!

The Value of a Vintage Sweater

13 11 2009

Ah, the Art of the Sweater. In my opinion, one can never and I mean NEVER have enough Vintage Sweaters. They add a unique touch to what you are wearing no matter what the season it is. The same sweater can take you from a lovely layered look in winter to thrown over a swimsuit in summer. Plus when complimented who doesn’t love to respond “Thanks. It’s Vintage.” Or maybe that’s just me…




Take the time to browse MY SHOP for new sweaters to fill your wardrobe.

1950s Vintage Knit Blouse Pattern

10 04 2009

 I have a strong belief that any women who is tedious and patient enough to knit or crochet or whatever deserves my vintage knitting pattern books more then I do. But I like the pictures, so I will probably never sell them. Instead I will be posting them here!

This is from a 1950 Minerva Fashions in Hand Knit book.







Everything is so Black and White

11 10 2008

I tend to see the word in black and white and tend to rely on my logical deduction a little too heavily. It’s not all bad though! Like, I believe that for a person to not notice flowers while walking past them or a variety of colors of leaves on the ground is missing out. Flat out. Or if a person doesn’t look for patterns in the clouds at least once a week or whenever they get to see them if in Southern California…. their life is void of imagination.  One more: No women looks good in spandex. I am not discriminating against the heavier women because I probably have more cellulite then most women out there…. but all women just shouldn’t wear it! Nothing good comes from wearing it!

Onto the newer Black and White  items in my shop:

1970s Sheer White Secretary’s Dress


1960s Black and White Tent Dress

(had the tags but I lost them during photos)


Scribbled Daisies Vintage Top


My New Blog

9 09 2008

This is my new blog. I have started this to keep my clients up to date on upcoming events, sales and also random bits of my life.


I’m 27

I’m Married (to my HighSchool Sweetie)

I’m addicted to the thrill of the hunt that is vintage shopping

I’m 5’10”

I’m obsessed with cookie dough

I’m in love the tingle of Burts Bees Chapstick and the light freshness that I get from Dove Shampoos

I think that’s enough to get us aquainted.

Please see included photo of what my fantasy life would include…

I wish I was doing this

I wish I was doing this