Fabulous Flattering Retro Swimwear Choices ’09

16 02 2009

I am excited to announce that there are some fantastic retro One-Piece choices for summer and I am actually overwelmed with which to buy first!

Last summer I watched actions on Ebay on Genuine Vintage 1950s swimwear because I wanted a more modest swimming choice. Being 5’10” that didn’t really work. I had finally given up and found a few I liked at Urban Outfitters and as I went to buy them I noticed that they had completely sold out… Bummer.

My obsession ended with the Decision to just splurge and buy the “Vamp” Swimsuit by Jantzen in Yellow and Gray

available at www.laraines.com

Then Today I stumbled across these at www.Delias.com – a complete DREAM because I’m tall and I was afraid that the vamp wouldn’t fit me well enough:

deliasdelias1this one isn’t retro, but I love it’s sporty cute look:


Now, I can finally go back to Salt Creek Beach and drink my Mike’s Hard Cranberry and eat my frozen watermellon balls….. all I need is to wait for summer…. should be here in a week or so.

PS If you can fit in them I still recommend you purchase a true vintage swimsuit with a firm fabric and a zip up back…. it can’t be beat and you will never worry about another skinnier girl wearing the same suit.