Quick Cheap Healthy DIY Frappuccinio

21 07 2010

I am mad coffee addict. Not in an angry sense… in a cultural slang way which means “intense“.

I think of it, drink it, fantasize about it and hate it. I know I need to stop (some people it’s okay for, but I have a few health issues I am trying to naturally dispose of that require my quitting).

Additionally, I am cheap and hate paying others to make drinks for me that I know aren’t good for me and that I have to pay for. There’s also the issue that last week I spent our budgeted food money on a 1970s chrome rocking chair and promised my hubby to pay for it and keep us from going out of budget that I would not get Starbucks or CBTL for a month.

Onward to the goods. I worked as a Barista for Starbucks for 2 years and a barista and then trainer at Coffee Bean for 2 years and decided to apply my experience and frugality to make me a happier person. My at home cheap drinks have been a progress, but I think I have reached perfection for my summer coffee drinks.

Here’s a photo… I find that a glass old salt jar makes a perfect beverage container.

Lady Grunge Quicky Ice Blended with Coffee:

Needed: Blender that crushed ice (I cheat and have a vitamixer 5200), soy, almond or rice milk in chocolate or vanilla flavor. 1 tray of icecubes. instant coffee. Straw.

1. Place all the ice from the tray into the blender.

2. Pour the flavored milk into the blender until the ice is covered

3. Pour about 1tbsp of instant coffee (I started out with less and then added more to find my desired coffeeness)

4. Blend until it’s all mixed up and pour into cup.

Tips: If the drink is chunky and hard to get out of the blender tap the middle of the container against the sink lightly which looses it up.

The whole process takes me less than 1 minute and yields much happiness with a total cost of max 50 cents a drink.

Lady Grunge Quicky Ice Blended Foffee Drink:

(I call faux coffee ‘Foffee’ for fun)

Needed: Blender that crushed ice, soy, almond or rice milk in chocolate or vanilla flavor*. 1 tray of icecubes.  Coffee Substitute**. Straw.

1. Place all the ice from the tray into the blender.

2. Pour the flavored milk into the blender until the ice is covered

3. Pour about 1tbsp+ of coffee substitute. The substitute has a strong scent but not a strong flavor… it requires more then instant coffee to get that yum factor.

4. Blend until it’s all mixed up and pour into cup.

* Look for flavored milks that have vanilla bean as the source of the flavor to keep too much bad stuff out. And my favorite is the Vanilla Almond Milk.

** I have been using Roma because it’s the one I have access to, but if you have any other good brands- let a girl know!

Side Note: Aren’t these adorable? I’m gonna put them in my shop in a bit..



15 06 2010

First off, I LOVE Billy Holiday!

Secondly, Hubby and I have been many things over the last few years to improve health.

I was a “vegan” who still hate bacon for a year in 2004 to help recover from overzealous doctors. (worked wonders and I still reminisce about how fantastic I felt at that time)

We were almost Raw foodist but cooked our beans in 2007/2008.

Now, we are I guess just abnormal eaters?

Combining Raw Food Smoothies for breakfast, wholegrains or legumes for lunch and healthy dinners which are comprised of meats/ faux meats or salads and soups.

I guess maybe we’re wholefoodist? Ugh, but beer is processed so we can’t be in that category!

Whatever we are we are on the path towards being healthy again. My husband has been on a strict hypoglycemic diet for about a month now which has inspired/forced me to be healthier. I can’t stand those looks he gives me when I am scarfing Albertos Superfries and a huge coke  (imagine: layer of fries with carne asada, guac, sour cream, cheese and green sauce- amazing!) but um.. yeah… so… healthy foods…. good for me….

Tomorrow is going to be day one of ___?___ days in which we will be juicing. I constitute juicing as anything I can blend in my new vitamixer so vanilla iced coffee blends are so in! I’ll just do it when he’s gone.

Regardless, I do hope combined with the gym I can drop a few inches before muah birthday… plus have enough energy to enjoy a cocktail without nearly falling asleep.

As for now I am going to down a pile of rice smothered with butter and garlic and enjoy my well deserved Smirnoff.

I shall call my new vitamix Jasmine…. or Jazz for short. I am sure my husband will quickly rename her.