Look Ma, I’m “Stylish”

15 07 2010

Those that know me know that I have deep embedded insecurities about fashion/style related things. It all started when I turned 18 and was show how to use a full length mirror.  Prior to that I only noticed what was from the hips up.

You have to understand that as a 5’10” tomboy with a very limited clothing budget I just grabbed what fit in the thrift stores and special ordered tall pants so I didn’t have to live in mens 501s (this was pre-tunic/ long pants era which started in the 2000s). All that fit me was 1970s Womens ts and other funky randomness I came across.  I would throw it on and walk out the door often without even looking in the mirror. Some-days I would be in converse and a 1950s sundress and others in this weird rainbow tube top and baggy cords with my flip flops or barefoot. They were comfy and I liked them.

Then my homeschool eccentric bookworm bubble was broken by realizing that the other 18 year olds were wearing tight stuff and make up. They even styled their hair and I had managed to miss this whole right of passage. I then was sucked into this nasty try to fit in phase which really sucked because nothing fit me right and I couldn’t afford what did fit me and it left me trapped in this unsatisfied bubble of bleh.

Over the last few years since corporate america chewed me up and spit me out I have been trying to reclaim my care-free style but can’t seem to. I am giving it a try again this month as I whittle down my wardrobe and decide what clothing I have that really represents how I want to present myself to the world.

Part of that was to get a “pixie cut” which after it was done didn’t look like a pixie cut and made me freak out day after day in the mirror trying to figure out what to do about it. Then today while browsing the Sartorialist I saw 3 women with a very similar style. They had 7 year old boy haircuts too! Am I accidentally riding a trend?  Impossible! Then while looking at bobs with bangs I came across this: Lo and behold! There’s my haircut- AND the color I had dyed it.

So, now I am befuddled. I am actually relevant. I don’t like it that much, but am thinking if I am actually doing something stylish, maybe I should keep it for a while… this goes against my trend-hating ways which lead me to mock the simple minded women who waste money on ever-changing trends… which I would actually engage in if I wasn’t a scrooge and if the darn clothes fit me right.

Well, regardless of whether it’s trendy or not, I need to figure out what to wear with this, because most days I feel like a schoolboy.  Will update as I discover the new carefree but stylish nearing 30 year old me.

PS I plan to add some muscle and reduce some flab while I am rediscovering myself.


I like my clothes to have traveled

9 04 2010

While at the post office mailing out some cute blazers I got the frequent question I get when sporting my large leather bag. ” Did you vacation in El Salvador”  The bag is stamped with El Salvador on it and I am frequently remembered by my purse. I carry it because I love leather and the thing fits 2 books, a magazine plus all the junk needed in a purse.  YET, I did not vacation in El Salvador. Truth be told (which it always is when they ask) I bought it at a thrift store for $2. I then joke about how I buy things that are from around the world so I can pretend I had a vacation.

Point of this is post is that although some people are all germy about used clothing, furniture and stuff… I  love it! I love that my clothing has existed after it’s conception in a factory in someone elses life. This clothing wasn’t just made for me to pay for and own… it was made to have many lives and experiences and after I am done with it…. it’s life will continue when my waist or closet has expanded too much.

I love that when I purchase vintage in second hand shops, garage sales, estate sales or get them from people the money isn’t profiting some huge corporation. It profits charities, everyday people and those like me who like to buy things and need to resell them to help out with the bills.

Buying used has a gentleness in its approach to living. It’s not purely driven by keeping up with the Joneses or due to a huge marketing campaign… it’s driven by an appreciation for what it is and for the fact that others have lived before us and with us and being human doesn’t mean that we need a new product produced specifically for us.

And thing that sparked this post a lovely suede and macrame skirt that has been with me since I was able to drive and has been on nearly every beach in southern california and also to Hawaii. It was my go-to skirt to use as a bikini cover-up for so long but now it’s time for it to live again… outside of my storage box.

Farewell my friend! Onto Etsy you go…

It can be bought HERE

Vintage Shoes for the Feminine Types and the Tough Ones Too

19 12 2009

Ugh. My husband said I sounded like a Hillbilly because I use the word “Yup” two nights ago. Kinda like he thinks I look like a granny if I wear a granny sweater…. someday he will understand that I can’t look like a grandma as a 5’10” 28 year old with a Pixie Cut and Skinny jeans just like I can’t be taken for a hillbilly if the rest of the words I use are precise and articulate.
UGH, such a difficult life, hopefully these will ease the burden you are now carrying for me due to my husband’s misunderstandings….

Size 8-9

Size 6


The Next Pair I tortured myself an entire day trying to see if they would “break in” and give me more space. They didn’t so you get them!

Size 9

Stop drooling! Yes they are super tall and look like you are a super-hero, but show some self restraint!

Blue. Green. Coral. Gray.

17 12 2009

You can click on the pictures to go straight to the item or HERE to go to my shop!

Have a blessed Christmas!

Vintage Addiction & Hairstyles

16 12 2009

Hello, My Name is Lady Grunge (AKA Stacie) and I am an addict.

Now that my stock is pouring out of my closet…. as it always ends up doing… mostly because I like to try everything on and sometimes borrow pieces…. :::SIGH::: I have issues.

I discovered this because I am trying to organize it again and haven’t yet broken down yet to ask my husband (Mr. Organization) for his help.

The main problem is that I love to shop and get bored with the photographing and posting. This must change!

Okay, I have admitted I have a problem and that I need to change. I’ll skip the accountability part because I don’t want any of that. But I do have a great motivation to get everything going and all of my floating unposted stock going… a clean office! And once it’s clean then i will want to be in there! Once I want to be in there- I will sew! Once I sew then I can sell my adorable recycled skirts I’ve been playing around with and then…. SHOP MORE! BLOG MORE! POST GREAT IMAGES FROM Magazines that are lost under dresses and skirts! I will prevail over this addiction and become a contributing member to society by providing adorable vintage and handmade!

All of this will be powered by my new Natalie Imbruglia (circa 2006) Choppy Pixie HairCut courtesy of Nancy in Riverside (amazing stylist for only $35 who works with all types of hair and lengths and is stinkin adorable! Plus she loves vintage!!)

If you see new photos by Friday Afternoon you will know I am back on track if not, maybe next week =)

For now enjoy these cool hair styles that I have found places including my own magazines and would like to share

Sneak Peek and Fresh and Easy Review

10 12 2009

Just finished a shopping spree in Pomona which left me so excited I had to post a Preview of what is to come!

So, after being convinced that I was going to be mugged in the parking lot of the Salvation Army I got my treasures to the car, jumped in and then hauled my booty out of the parking lot. I only venture there rarely as they don’t always carry much good vintage. It’s sad but true… I still heart the Salvation Army Thrift Stores.

Here’s a few peices… I would have added more, but the photos came out pretty bad.

I have about 6 tops, 1 leather jacket and a dress waiting for me to pick up tomorrow… Maybe I’ll do a quick posts so you can see the fruits of my labor.

Part 2: Fresh and Easy Review.

LOVE IT! Why? A few simple reasons: Great packaging of products, they look so appealing to me, They carry Pesto, they clearance out their bread super cheap! I am talking RoseMary Rolls for 65 cents!

Issue: The check out, I was asked 3 times if I needed help working the self-check out scanner so I must really look like a dunce or something. But I did enjoy grouping together the different foods in the bags.

Part 3: Hair Cut on Saturday:



New Blue Sweaters

2 12 2009

1960s Tiny Knit Static Sweater

Wonderful Cocoon Sweater to Wrap Up in

Gorgeous 1960s Blue Cape


Now off to clean up before any residents knock on my door and see my crazy bangs doing an alfalfa!