Sneak Peek and Fresh and Easy Review

10 12 2009

Just finished a shopping spree in Pomona which left me so excited I had to post a Preview of what is to come!

So, after being convinced that I was going to be mugged in the parking lot of the Salvation Army I got my treasures to the car, jumped in and then hauled my booty out of the parking lot. I only venture there rarely as they don’t always carry much good vintage. It’s sad but true… I still heart the Salvation Army Thrift Stores.

Here’s a few peices… I would have added more, but the photos came out pretty bad.

I have about 6 tops, 1 leather jacket and a dress waiting for me to pick up tomorrow… Maybe I’ll do a quick posts so you can see the fruits of my labor.

Part 2: Fresh and Easy Review.

LOVE IT! Why? A few simple reasons: Great packaging of products, they look so appealing to me, They carry Pesto, they clearance out their bread super cheap! I am talking RoseMary Rolls for 65 cents!

Issue: The check out, I was asked 3 times if I needed help working the self-check out scanner so I must really look like a dunce or something. But I did enjoy grouping together the different foods in the bags.

Part 3: Hair Cut on Saturday:



Black and White Vintage Inspiration Rooms

20 02 2009



I love the Texture of the Shag Rug with the Chrome Lighting  on the ceiling.

I obsess and dream of graphic prints because I don’t get to have them. I could, but I’ve noticed that my husband gets really distracted and unsettled so I try to keep things minimalist for him.







Almost Done

29 09 2008

I spent the weekend doing many things I wasn’t supposed to be or planning on doing…. but at least I had fun.

SO, We’re blessed with a friend with a boat who took my hubby lobster fishing. (Funny side note: we’re broker then broke, yet, we still get to do some kick butt things…) So I get this cleaning/ Rearranging furniture bug on Friday night when he leaves and I draw diagrams of furniture placement, generate a new system for storing my Etsy attire which leaves my hubby with room in the walk in closet and I plan  to make a beat up 1950s side table into a dictionary table. So, Is all of the furniture arranged by the time he comes home? No… Oh, but Etsy is completely Organized Right? No…… The table? Of course! It’s a messy craft that will make a  paper explosion all over the living room- of course I did it!

I always say that you can only push a man so far. So it’s 8:33am I’ve been up for 2-1/2 Hours doing photos, adjusting the pictures, posting the pictures and listening to hymns by The Issacs (dude- Awesome) because the house was in kayos, I’ve been storing Etsy all over the entire house on whatever surface I am using the wall near and he’s sick of it.

So, I will be secretly etsying for the next month or so to let him remember that the house is not a vintage shop and to feel normal and then hopefully I can do it during normal business hours again. Until then, I’m gonna look like I just woke up in each picture because I did.

Lesson learned: chopping up dictionaries and gluing definitions to a table is super fun and I will be doing a coffee table when I find one.