Creative Ideas for Wallpaper

13 08 2010

Here are some cool ideas from a vintage DIY Decorating book soon available HERE

A perfect alternative if you are an apartment dweller and want to utilize your favorite wallpaper

A. A great option for thrifted furniture with damage you don’t want to refinish. Paint and wall paper make this otherwise boring hutch into an adorable conversation piece!

B. The book recommended using cardboard boxes and covering them with wallpaper, but that is a horrible idea. I’m sure there’s a lovely tutorial online somewhere on how to build that shape box out of WOOD.

Much better option.

C. This is my favorite because it’s versatile and can be moved from room to room.

Apply the wallpaper to a basic room divider and enjoy!

I am including this next one just because I adore it! Sheer fabric and wooden dowls make a beautiful room divider that still allows light.


Happiness is My New White Vintage Table

13 11 2009

Oh, the joy that this brings me!

We bought a Hutch, set of matching danish chairs… oh, and a HUGE UGLY table that was thrown in with the other two items off of craigslist. For 9 months I have been staring at the hideous beast every day. Finally we got around to selling it on craigslist and I purchased a beat up ugly table for $7 from the thrift store.

Two months after that (I move slow) I went with my hubby to pick out paint and actually remembered to buy all the needed supplies. I waited until he had left (I work best when he is gone because the fun in the painting is to be able to suprise him when he gets home!) then painted 3 thin layers of primer and 4 coats of brilliant white paint.

I then dug into my fabric stash for some fabric he and I had picked up a year ago in LA and never figured out what to do with. I wasn’t really sold on it, but we had some people come by to pick up our danish sofa and the two of them plus Lee decided it’s a good combo…. Stacie-1+ Lee-3= Stacie Looses =(


So, once I find my staple gun that he bought me for valentines day I will attach the fabric… Also, I am drying some coats on the chairs… so ignore those.


The Danish Sofa we just sold:


here’s a link to the blog of the new owner… she was a super sweet girl and also a seller on Etsy.

My Sofa

Her Shop

Black and White Vintage Inspiration Rooms

20 02 2009



I love the Texture of the Shag Rug with the Chrome Lighting  on the ceiling.

I obsess and dream of graphic prints because I don’t get to have them. I could, but I’ve noticed that my husband gets really distracted and unsettled so I try to keep things minimalist for him.







Red and Purple Combined Room Decor 1970s

18 02 2009

I’m excited to begin posting some of the amazing images from vintage book I have collected over the years. I hope they inspire you and help you to pursue your creative pursuits

FROM THE 1975 Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book






These images are for inspiration only, not to be reproduced.

Vintage for my Home

15 01 2009

My husband and I have been hunting far and wide on craigslist and in thrift stores to create our new home: We have two industrial desks from the 70s for our home office, he will be refinishing them and I hope to post photos of the projects before and after. My dearly Beloved is driving to Venice Beach to hopefully pick up a danish mid century couch which we will also be refinishing and reupholstering . But we have some fun decorations that I wanted to share. All purchased at thrift stores.

First my MAGNIFICENT Will Barnet Limited edition poster from 1978!! I walked by this in a thift shop and immediately and gleefully bought it and put it in my car. I just found out today  that it’s worth a pretty penny because it’s signed in pencil =) I am very excited because my hubby and I commited to trying to only buy things which go up in value and I really did it well on this one: Best $19.99 I ever spent!



The one problem with it being worth money is I was hoping I could get on ebay and find numerous prints by him that I could afford because I loved it so much. Oh well, guess I will have to save to get one now.. bum deal.

Other randoms including more coffee cups and also an awesome inspector gadget “Vase”img_0136img_0135



If my hubby gets the couch then I will try to post before and after photos of it too!

Creative Genius Turned Madness

10 12 2008

Amazing Day. Flat-Out amazing.

1st I made photoshop work and do double photos for my shop…. like so…

il_fullxfull48702194You can actually buy this dress by clicking on this link

2nd I washed the dishes, put them in the dishwasher and as soon as it was done running the cycle I put them away. The dishwasher is empty!

3rd I went for almost 24 hours with no processed sugar- and I lived to tell!

I just had a very benficial conversation with my Friend Ione. I described my plans for bedding for my new apartment and as I went on and on about how I was going to buy a tapestry from urban outfitters and make a duvet cover out of it because it was screenprinted with cool clocks and the variety of pillows and colors I would incorporate…. when she brought up a good point. That was very far from my original simplistic plan of beige and gray bedding with a lavender pillow. I think my creative genius turned quickly into madness and I need to reign myself in again.  Everything in my house does not need a personalized touch by me.  Especially since that means that none of it will get done and then I’ll be crying and buy some cheap crap because I have given up.

Next paragraph….

I am now trying to post handmade items daily or as I complete them. I am still testing to see what will sell and what my cliental will be demanding of me.

The first peice sold in a few hours so I think I am on the right track. I’ll keep plugging away and hopefully will be going to LA for some fabric really soon.

SOLD today:

il_430xn48706955the link for more details: click these blue words

Well, that was sure fun. I’ll type at you again soon!