1942 Mesh Stocking- Free Pattern

1 07 2010

This is from a 1942 book entitled “Complete Guide to Modern Knitting and Crocheting” It was the book that began my obsession with vintage knitting patterns.
I hope you enjoy and if you use this pattern I’ll post a picture of what you made!

1945 Vogue Bikini Knitting Pattern- Free!

30 06 2010
Click on the image below to see the instructions on this ADORABLE set of Bikinis.
Also, if this is made by anyone getting this for free…. you owe me a picture because I would love to see it!

New Pattern!

1950s Vintage Knit Blouse Pattern

10 04 2009

 I have a strong belief that any women who is tedious and patient enough to knit or crochet or whatever deserves my vintage knitting pattern books more then I do. But I like the pictures, so I will probably never sell them. Instead I will be posting them here!

This is from a 1950 Minerva Fashions in Hand Knit book.