DIY Rug Inspiration

8 09 2010

So, I was going a little personal shopping at the thrift store (I got a great light thermal to pretend it’s cold in) and since my other shop sold 1 book I could completely justify buying 2… right?

Who cares. So, one of them from 1973 called ‘Make it yourself’  had some generic clothing that I can’t knit or sew… pants without a pattern?  Come-on!

But, it did have some fabulous rugs which I will include photos of below. I am going to attempt the braided one but with red or yellow, blue, gray and light or bright blue. It shall be my welcome mat since the ones available for purchase at my local stores disappoint.

So, heres some photos:

If you want to know how to do it right now you can buy the book here (it’s on ebay- my copy stays with me!)

There were other kind of rugs that were a little too much for my home but still cool

It’s a latch hook square thing like my mom used to have us do… but you can move it around into different shapes! LOVE IT. Here’s the original pattern for the square

The book is less than $3 here. Or you can search for 1973 make it yourself needlework and crafts volume 1.

Coffeepops – Art – Painting File Cabinet

14 05 2010

Goodness, been a while since I blogged. I always am thinking “I should blog this” But then don’t.

So, catch up blog for the last month:

1. Leftover coffee in pot gets put into the fridge to then be mixed with half and half and ice to my husband and my great pleasure. I am also going to invest in some popsicle makers and hazelnut creamer to make hazelnut coffee pops. I will update on how they taste in probably a week.

2. I want this painting! I want it! I want it! My husband is making me wait until the 30% off special that happens each Saturday morning since they want $70 for it… i’ve been waiting since Sunday and am afraid to even see if it is still there… here’s hoping. By the way, it’s like 5″ tall…

3. Hubby and I have undertaken completely revamping our apartment. It started with switching all the furniture between our two rooms and it’s been exausting. Like always my work room is last to be put together- so the bedroom looks amazing but the office…. trashed. We are also painting a HUGE file cabinet that we picked up for $10. It took the two of us about 1/2 hour to get it up 16 stairs it’s so big! When it was black I had named it the beast but then hubby named it “Jerry” after we started painting we like the thought of hubby asking me for some info and me responding “ask jerry”…

Once we finish I may post a tutorial on how to paint it with a nice completed project.

Pretty Things in an Ugly Town Installment 1

14 04 2010

I will be using this title for all posts relating to this topic.

Picked this up today… in a thrift store.. Yeah, biffed my pledge to avoid them for  1 week.  I adore it and it completely reminds me of Jess Amity’s leather leaf necklace HERE But I think it may not be the right proportion for my 5’10” frame. I can see it on a 5’6″er and under

I’ve been collecting things for the last month or so for my office.

My theme was leaning towards a red and turquoise with birds and black and white nature art….

Then I found this throw/ rug and THEN I found these vintage curtains…. Now I am in a pickle. The hall may be a bird/nature inspired area now so I have a place for my reds and I will look for more purples/ pinks…. dunno for sure yet. I already have that color blue in my desk so that’s cool.

4 of I think like 10ish pieces of bird art I have collected.

Completed-ish Fabric Wallpaper

26 02 2010

Finally! Done!

I have successfully completed a beautiful wall that actually looks painted without painting or loosing any deposit on the apartment.

Recommended process:

1. Fine fabulous sheets or fabric and purchase enough to cover your wall plus some.

2. Wash now because once you get the starch you will want to start immediately without washing the fabric and this may cause the dye in the fabric to leak onto your wall.

3. JUST BUY THE LIQUED STARCH. DO NOT HANDMAKE IT! If you hand make it you save $4 and will nearly loose any sanity you have. Why? Because cornstarch leaves white splotches if not done by a supreme expert.

Like so…

4.Make bucket of starch solution: medium to heavy.

5. Prep spray bottle with light to medium starch solution: in other words, add some water to it to thin it out.

6. Ring out cloth, pin to wall at the top to take off some weight.

7. Straighten out cloth and lightly brush into place with hands.

8. Beginning at the top of the wall, take a larger sized scrub brush and brush the fabric from the center to the edges, then towards the top. Pay close attention to any bubbles and take the time to work them out. If you don’t, they will haunt you.

Like so…

9. Spray down the wall as you see any portion of the cloth looking dry until you are completely with that portion.

10. Rest and begin next section

Additional notes: leave 1-2 inches of extra fabric on the top and the bottom. Overlap fabric at least 1/2 inch. Cut edges with an exacto knife to keep it clean.

The nearly completed result after I had to wash the wall to get off residue.

To be completely honest, I am probably going to take down the fabric in a few weeks, wash it and then reapply it with the  store starch solution. I had used corn starch I made and then water in the squirt bottle. Not recommended and feel I will have better results with the store stuff.

Choked on my Own Spit when I Saw This Room

25 02 2010

So, I picked the color of the room and am waiting for the teal sheet to dry while looking for justification of my beautiful color scheme (lime green, teal with either orange or yellow accents) to show my husband and prove I am not a crazy. Although hanging sheets on your wall with starch may sound like I am crazy…. I will prove you all wrong.

Well, while I looked for this justification that I am not a madwomen online I came across this image from anthropology and while trying to get my studious husband to get his nose out of the book and look I choked on my spit. Further proving that I am not…..crazy.

Well, here is the inspiration room. I have no respect for  Anthropology because anything that is manufactured in China to purposefully look like it’s home made and then costs $100+ is 100% WRONG. What they do is wrong and a disservice to the creative women in this country that Anthropology is knocking off with cheap imitation products. Having said that… the colors of this room are flawless. I in no way blame the marketing team of Anthropology for using this room as an advertisement although they represent a cold heartless company that steals warmth from homes and hearts to make their products.

Problems with covering your walls with fabric

25 02 2010

Okay, it seemed not simple, but do-able as I started to add some pizzazz to my office/etsy room by putting sheets on it.

Initially I did a test run: It had HUGE 7-12 x 1″ bubbles running down it which wasn’t a big deal because it was just a test.

Process: Used aresole starch spraying first under the cloth and then over it only smoothing with  my hands.

Round 2. I decided to go with this yummy green color. The method was:

a. Pin the top of the sheet to the top of the wall leaving 1″ of room from the ceiling and then pinning the edges.

2. Only applying the home made starch mixture on the surface with a spray bottle then smoothing with my hand and a small paint brush. Nearly even surface, minimal bubbles of 2″x1″ only in select spots. Finishing the edges was hard and I do not recommend pinning that low. What was I thinking?

Then I decided I didn’t want green, I actually wanted Teal.

Round 3. Purchased Teal sheets ($19.99 from Anna’s Linens) Hand washed sheets, dropped wrung out sheets into bucket of starch. Swished it around and made sure the whole surface was a little slimy (indicating there was starch on it) Then used a 3″ x 6″ plastic bristled scrub brush to smooth the sheet first horizontally and then vertically on the wall towards the nearest edge. This method provided the least bubbles which were max 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ BUT while brushing it on I was dipping the brush at times into the bucket of the starch. By doing this I then overloaded portions of the sheet with starch causing white drips and streaks on it. FRUSTRATION! Being that the whole process only took 1 1/2 hours I decided to pull the dried sheet off of the wall and wash it to get out some of the starch and possibly dry it and then move onto round 4. In round 3 I pinned the sheet with 1″ hanging loose into the corner of where the wall ends and the ceiling begins. Much easier, it still takes some adjusting as you go along because as you press out the bubbles the fabric is stretched causing you to make adjustments to where it is tacked.

ROUND 4. To Be Continued….. once the washing of the teal sheets is completed. Will photograph tomorrow when my camera comes home.

Time to kill… projects to conquer

20 02 2010

I have had so many things I have wanted to do and this weekend have the time and am overwhelmed!

I am excited that I will FINALLY be doing some bigger projects for my office/etsy room. I run two businesses out of that room which requires two separate work stations. Not easy to have good aesthetics and be fully functional. So, here is the plan: The plan has taken like a year to figure out.

A. Cover wall in gray fabric. This has nothing to do with function, but it makes me happy.

B. Paint Emeco Table from 1949. Bottom will be Yellow (I think…) and white on top. This will look great (in theory) against the gray wall. I wouldn’t have to paint it if someone on craigslist had bought it! Don’t you even get mad at me!

C. Move 1970s industrial desk (painted blue by my man) under the bookshelfs which have a similar industrial feel.

D. Incorporate nature inspired art and objects… considering a fake plant to my shame.  Or the over done sticks in a vase bit.

These will only be accomplished through tremendous amounts of coffee and my Yeah Yeah Yeah station on Pandora.

My inspiration for the room (in the way of color and shapes)

I love the green and blue and yellow combo…. perfection!

Nature element

Okay. Now that I have typed everything I should be doing, I am going to do something else: try to figure out the placement of the pockets on my navy jeans so I am no longer Stacie-Long-Butt when I wear them!