Pimp Out My Vacuum

3 08 2010

Well, I have to say that I am incredibly disappointed. My husband and I are looking into purchasing our first investment vacuum cleaner and it’s a vintage Royal. Initially I had wanted a Kirby (The name is so cute!) but it’s a bit of a monster and the Royal is like a cute little Kirby :::joy:::

But back to disappointment: There are no websites about pimped out vacuums. I had feared this because I have been thinking that we are kind of weird to be so excited to customize the vacuum.

We want to:

1. Powder Coat the metal head

2. Put some some bright pretty wheels and a new handle

3. Get a snazzy new bag .

That probably sounds crazy, but from our long conversations with various vacuum repair men we have been convinced that a Kirby or a Royal is the best thing we can afford and will still be running in 40 years. So, it’s actually an intensely practical investment for us and the only weird part is that we want it to be really cool

Well, after feeling quite alone that I am the only person in the world that is exited to pimp out my vacuum I found this video which made me feel better.


If we end up buying one soon then I will dedicate a blog to it called “Pimp My Vacuum”.

Side note: I got a new coffee table which caused me to desire to rearrange the whole house which has zapped my energy. I will post new items tomorrow after my morning icky meeting that I am dreading.

Double side note: I scored a load of adorable vintage dresses and I am SOOO excited to get them up in my SHOP




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