30 things to do before I am 30

23 07 2010

I found a BLOG thru blog hopping and it hit a chord with me…. She listed 30 things to do before turning 30 and I decided I want to do the same.

I just turned 29 and there are many things that I would like to have accomplished before I am 30… so for accountability I will be starting and adding to this list as I can.

1. Have visible tone on my arms

2. Own a pair of linen pants that are long enough

3. Not have a muffin top

4. Complete my personal filing system

5. Fully Recover from a previous health issue via exercise and diet… maybe some vitamins

6. Go thrifting in Palm Springs

7. Go to Salvation Mountain

8. Get a swimsuit from Red Dolly or have one custom made

9. Red all of my Puritan Books

10. Finish typing the Letters of A.W. Pink

11. Own 12 Dresses perfectly hemmed that I can wear with my Coach boots.

12. Have 300 more Sales in my Etsy Shop

13. Start making upcycled things

14. KILL the Coffee Addiction!!!

15. Have good posture

16. Go on a weekend trip with hubby to someplace pretty

17. Feel Organized.





2 responses

24 09 2010

I just turned 30 and I have a list of things that I think should be done by that age on my blog! I love lists and it’s good to have a goal. Good luck with yours!


28 09 2010

I just added to my mental list I am compiling for 40 to move to where you live. I loved looking at the pictures while sitting in 110 degree heat. So jealous!

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