1970s Bohemian Crafting Inspiration

11 09 2010

This is my first Vintage Craft Book Review. I have a collection of vintage crafting books which range from DIY furniture, knitting, sewing, quilting and more. I never do these crafts, they are more eye-candy then anything.

Todays Book review : The Stitchery Idea Book by Beverly Rush Copyright 1974

This is actually my favorite book of all of them being that I lean towards 1970s crafts as my ideal.

I have included a few pictures of this 176 Page book which are an example of the tremendous amount of inspiration on a variety of crafts it gives. The book is an idea book not a ‘how-to’ that will inspire you in your crafting ventures.

DIY Rug Inspiration

8 09 2010

So, I was going a little personal shopping at the thrift store (I got a great light thermal to pretend it’s cold in) and since my other shop sold 1 book I could completely justify buying 2… right?

Who cares. So, one of them from 1973 called ‘Make it yourself’  had some generic clothing that I can’t knit or sew… pants without a pattern?  Come-on!

But, it did have some fabulous rugs which I will include photos of below. I am going to attempt the braided one but with red or yellow, blue, gray and light or bright blue. It shall be my welcome mat since the ones available for purchase at my local stores disappoint.

So, heres some photos:

If you want to know how to do it right now you can buy the book here (it’s on ebay- my copy stays with me!)

There were other kind of rugs that were a little too much for my home but still cool

It’s a latch hook square thing like my mom used to have us do… but you can move it around into different shapes! LOVE IT. Here’s the original pattern for the square

The book is less than $3 here. Or you can search for 1973 make it yourself needlework and crafts volume 1.

Ackward 30 Momish 90s fashion confusion

1 09 2010

Okay, Nearing 30. I will admit that my body has changed in shape and firmness mostly due to a lack of moving and an excess of white flour/sugar products. But, the thing is. I don’t want to dress like I am a lumpy 30 year old. I want to dress like a nonlumpy 30 year old I guess.

I was hard core about the high waisted skinny jeans at Urban Outfitters until I saw the pants pictured below make her bum slide down her leg. I love highwaisted jeans because they tuck away my little love handles. Low rise pants hit in just the right spot to pooch them up even further. The skinny style is because I am tall and have long skinny legs so it just works well for me.

So, I am torn as to whether I should buy the above linked to pants and maybe have the pockets lowered to have a better appearance or give up my aspirations of high waist skinny jeans.


Onto a happier topic: I made my regular jeans with a looser leg into skinny jeans! Will post pictures if they came out half decent.

Creative Ideas for Wallpaper

13 08 2010

Here are some cool ideas from a vintage DIY Decorating book soon available HERE

A perfect alternative if you are an apartment dweller and want to utilize your favorite wallpaper

A. A great option for thrifted furniture with damage you don’t want to refinish. Paint and wall paper make this otherwise boring hutch into an adorable conversation piece!

B. The book recommended using cardboard boxes and covering them with wallpaper, but that is a horrible idea. I’m sure there’s a lovely tutorial online somewhere on how to build that shape box out of WOOD.

Much better option.

C. This is my favorite because it’s versatile and can be moved from room to room.

Apply the wallpaper to a basic room divider and enjoy!

I am including this next one just because I adore it! Sheer fabric and wooden dowls make a beautiful room divider that still allows light.

Pimp Out My Vacuum

3 08 2010

Well, I have to say that I am incredibly disappointed. My husband and I are looking into purchasing our first investment vacuum cleaner and it’s a vintage Royal. Initially I had wanted a Kirby (The name is so cute!) but it’s a bit of a monster and the Royal is like a cute little Kirby :::joy:::

But back to disappointment: There are no websites about pimped out vacuums. I had feared this because I have been thinking that we are kind of weird to be so excited to customize the vacuum.

We want to:

1. Powder Coat the metal head

2. Put some some bright pretty wheels and a new handle

3. Get a snazzy new bag .

That probably sounds crazy, but from our long conversations with various vacuum repair men we have been convinced that a Kirby or a Royal is the best thing we can afford and will still be running in 40 years. So, it’s actually an intensely practical investment for us and the only weird part is that we want it to be really cool

Well, after feeling quite alone that I am the only person in the world that is exited to pimp out my vacuum I found this video which made me feel better.


If we end up buying one soon then I will dedicate a blog to it called “Pimp My Vacuum”.

Side note: I got a new coffee table which caused me to desire to rearrange the whole house which has zapped my energy. I will post new items tomorrow after my morning icky meeting that I am dreading.

Double side note: I scored a load of adorable vintage dresses and I am SOOO excited to get them up in my SHOP

30 things to do before I am 30

23 07 2010

I found a BLOG thru blog hopping and it hit a chord with me…. She listed 30 things to do before turning 30 and I decided I want to do the same.

I just turned 29 and there are many things that I would like to have accomplished before I am 30… so for accountability I will be starting and adding to this list as I can.

1. Have visible tone on my arms

2. Own a pair of linen pants that are long enough

3. Not have a muffin top

4. Complete my personal filing system

5. Fully Recover from a previous health issue via exercise and diet… maybe some vitamins

6. Go thrifting in Palm Springs

7. Go to Salvation Mountain

8. Get a swimsuit from Red Dolly or have one custom made

9. Red all of my Puritan Books

10. Finish typing the Letters of A.W. Pink

11. Own 12 Dresses perfectly hemmed that I can wear with my Coach boots.

12. Have 300 more Sales in my Etsy Shop

13. Start making upcycled things

14. KILL the Coffee Addiction!!!

15. Have good posture

16. Go on a weekend trip with hubby to someplace pretty

17. Feel Organized.


Quick Cheap Healthy DIY Frappuccinio

21 07 2010

I am mad coffee addict. Not in an angry sense… in a cultural slang way which means “intense“.

I think of it, drink it, fantasize about it and hate it. I know I need to stop (some people it’s okay for, but I have a few health issues I am trying to naturally dispose of that require my quitting).

Additionally, I am cheap and hate paying others to make drinks for me that I know aren’t good for me and that I have to pay for. There’s also the issue that last week I spent our budgeted food money on a 1970s chrome rocking chair and promised my hubby to pay for it and keep us from going out of budget that I would not get Starbucks or CBTL for a month.

Onward to the goods. I worked as a Barista for Starbucks for 2 years and a barista and then trainer at Coffee Bean for 2 years and decided to apply my experience and frugality to make me a happier person. My at home cheap drinks have been a progress, but I think I have reached perfection for my summer coffee drinks.

Here’s a photo… I find that a glass old salt jar makes a perfect beverage container.

Lady Grunge Quicky Ice Blended with Coffee:

Needed: Blender that crushed ice (I cheat and have a vitamixer 5200), soy, almond or rice milk in chocolate or vanilla flavor. 1 tray of icecubes. instant coffee. Straw.

1. Place all the ice from the tray into the blender.

2. Pour the flavored milk into the blender until the ice is covered

3. Pour about 1tbsp of instant coffee (I started out with less and then added more to find my desired coffeeness)

4. Blend until it’s all mixed up and pour into cup.

Tips: If the drink is chunky and hard to get out of the blender tap the middle of the container against the sink lightly which looses it up.

The whole process takes me less than 1 minute and yields much happiness with a total cost of max 50 cents a drink.

Lady Grunge Quicky Ice Blended Foffee Drink:

(I call faux coffee ‘Foffee’ for fun)

Needed: Blender that crushed ice, soy, almond or rice milk in chocolate or vanilla flavor*. 1 tray of icecubes.  Coffee Substitute**. Straw.

1. Place all the ice from the tray into the blender.

2. Pour the flavored milk into the blender until the ice is covered

3. Pour about 1tbsp+ of coffee substitute. The substitute has a strong scent but not a strong flavor… it requires more then instant coffee to get that yum factor.

4. Blend until it’s all mixed up and pour into cup.

* Look for flavored milks that have vanilla bean as the source of the flavor to keep too much bad stuff out. And my favorite is the Vanilla Almond Milk.

** I have been using Roma because it’s the one I have access to, but if you have any other good brands- let a girl know!

Side Note: Aren’t these adorable? I’m gonna put them in my shop in a bit..

Look Ma, I’m “Stylish”

15 07 2010

Those that know me know that I have deep embedded insecurities about fashion/style related things. It all started when I turned 18 and was show how to use a full length mirror.  Prior to that I only noticed what was from the hips up.

You have to understand that as a 5’10” tomboy with a very limited clothing budget I just grabbed what fit in the thrift stores and special ordered tall pants so I didn’t have to live in mens 501s (this was pre-tunic/ long pants era which started in the 2000s). All that fit me was 1970s Womens ts and other funky randomness I came across.  I would throw it on and walk out the door often without even looking in the mirror. Some-days I would be in converse and a 1950s sundress and others in this weird rainbow tube top and baggy cords with my flip flops or barefoot. They were comfy and I liked them.

Then my homeschool eccentric bookworm bubble was broken by realizing that the other 18 year olds were wearing tight stuff and make up. They even styled their hair and I had managed to miss this whole right of passage. I then was sucked into this nasty try to fit in phase which really sucked because nothing fit me right and I couldn’t afford what did fit me and it left me trapped in this unsatisfied bubble of bleh.

Over the last few years since corporate america chewed me up and spit me out I have been trying to reclaim my care-free style but can’t seem to. I am giving it a try again this month as I whittle down my wardrobe and decide what clothing I have that really represents how I want to present myself to the world.

Part of that was to get a “pixie cut” which after it was done didn’t look like a pixie cut and made me freak out day after day in the mirror trying to figure out what to do about it. Then today while browsing the Sartorialist I saw 3 women with a very similar style. They had 7 year old boy haircuts too! Am I accidentally riding a trend?  Impossible! Then while looking at bobs with bangs I came across this: Lo and behold! There’s my haircut- AND the color I had dyed it.

So, now I am befuddled. I am actually relevant. I don’t like it that much, but am thinking if I am actually doing something stylish, maybe I should keep it for a while… this goes against my trend-hating ways which lead me to mock the simple minded women who waste money on ever-changing trends… which I would actually engage in if I wasn’t a scrooge and if the darn clothes fit me right.

Well, regardless of whether it’s trendy or not, I need to figure out what to wear with this, because most days I feel like a schoolboy.  Will update as I discover the new carefree but stylish nearing 30 year old me.

PS I plan to add some muscle and reduce some flab while I am rediscovering myself.

1942 Mesh Stocking- Free Pattern

1 07 2010

This is from a 1942 book entitled “Complete Guide to Modern Knitting and Crocheting” It was the book that began my obsession with vintage knitting patterns.
I hope you enjoy and if you use this pattern I’ll post a picture of what you made!

I am enamored with this Fried Zucchini

30 06 2010

100_9196, originally uploaded by ladygrungevintique.

Sweet, crisp and wonderful…